Last Day Went Well

Dear all,
Hard to believe we have finished up two weeks with the summer kid’s clubs! The last day went well with a large  number of kids, but there are always some sad goodbyes. Great to have the help from local folks but so many are growing up and out on their own. God has blessed us with some wonderful relationships here and we are so thankful. Seems by the time I get used to daylight after bedtime it’s time to finish up. The number of kids was not as high this year but the ones that came were so attentive and excited to come. There are so few opportunities for kids church activities and few churches open. We forget at home how blessed we are with resources and fellowship.
We will be packing up supplies and sorting out crafts then a few days to visit with friends we met on mission first year over.
Prayers for safe travels for all and no complications with flights or weather.
Please continue to pray for my dad to gain strength and sleep better.

True Words and Last Night

Dear all,

Had even more kids today for kid’s club and study group tonight. Adrian brought a great message tonight for teens on the Bible and its accuracy.
Weather has been a great blessing and rain has not interferred with any activities. No heat wave this year either. 🙂
Prayers for last children’s club tomorrow and hearts of those attending. Prayer for teens as tonight is last nite for them tonight.
Please continue to pray for families at home and safe travel for team members as John and Adrian start home tonight.
We have been learning many new lessons this week that apply so well no matter what the age group. There are several songs we have learned these two weeks and though they’re very simple, they certainly apply to all ages—“my God is a great big God and he holds us in his Hands” and “The best book to read is the Bible.” These are very true words we need to remember daily as we face life.
Jennifer Johnston

Two Days Have Flown By

Wow, these two days have flown by. No time to stop! Steady group during day Kids Club–around 30 +/-. Had great responses and participation.
The evening group of teens has been around 10ish. We have had many activities and sports along with the lessons and crafts. God has blessed us with some great lessons.
Another friend of William’s from Northern Ireland came today and is speaking Wednesday and Thursday nights. Please continue to pray for open hearts and many seeds planted.
Please also continue to pray for my dad and an improvement in his health. Pray for each of us to continue strong thoughout the week.
Jennifer Johnston

First Day in Athy Went Very Well

Geoffrey made it in on Saturday with no problems. We were able to stop by Malahide Castle on the way back to Athy. Enjoyed church services in Athy and Carlow on Sunday. Had a wonderful afternoon with lunch and a beautiful day on the patio visiting with a few church members.
Today went very well. We had around 35 kids for the afternoon session and about 12 teens tonight. As always, we had a lovely meal at the Leahy home. Fantastic volunteers were there today helping out for both sessions and a friend of William from the north of Ireland joined us today as well to help out for the week.
Please continue to pray for health for team members and our families back home.

Geoffrey Made It Safely

All went well. We made a stop to eat and visited Malahide Castle on our way home from airport. Now back to let Geoffrey try to get some sleep and we all get ready for a big week.
Continue prayers for family near and far.

Good Finish in Carlow

Thank you all for prayers lifted this week.
Goeffrey is awaiting connection in Atlanta so hopefully all on go and we will see him in Dublin airport in 10 hours. 🙂
We had a good finish today in Carlow with children, smooth packing up and arrival with unloading in Athy. Will be fellowshipping and worshiping with 2 churches here on Sunday then back to kids clubs next week.
Dad was feeling better today and every improvement is a blessing. Please continue to pray for stability and comfort.
A funny from today’s lesson: I was teaching the Bible verse and was explaining the word believe as referenced to salvation. I used the chair example we learned in evangelism explosion ages ago. I asked the group if they believed the chair beside me would hold me up. All agreed except one little fellow in back who “no”. Thankfully, he was proven wrong when I sat and lifted my feet off floor. 🙂

Pray for Last Day in Carlow

Dear all,
I can’t believe it is end of week one tomorrow. Pray children will be open to seeds planted. Tomorrow will be busy as we finish up kids club in Carlow and pack supplies to move to Athy for next week.
Big request for Friday morning home time: Geoffrey flies to meet us. Pray thunderstorms will not cause any delays or connection trouble. We pick him up Saturday morning in Dublin.
Dad had fluid removed today from lung. Please continue to pray for him to improve and no further complications while we are gone.
Thank you for lifting us in prayer.
Blessings to you all,